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You have broken your promise to WWII veterans and made their sacrifice meaningless.

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Canada, Civil War, History, Violation of Our Rights

Canadians have broken their promise to the fallen and made their sacrifice meaningless.
The brave men who stormed Vimy ridge did so to fight against the very things happening in Canada today!
Nazi Germany was led by a tyrannical leader named Adolf Hitler.
He brainwashed and controlled his country’s fear.
He had neighbors ratting out each other who broke the rules, just like we have today.
It’s been said that if someone secretly spoke or plotted against him, he would know within the day and they were dealt with.
It didn’t take long before the people would turn on each other, beating the crap out of those who were not obedient to the cause.
We’re already seeing people turn on each other physically as department store security tackles a customer to the group who is mask exempt. They turn on him because he’s not wearing what is equivalent to the armband with the swastika.
I know, the useful idiots cannot see the comparison.
This is different they proclaim.
There is only 1 difference.
When it comes to Nazi Germany, you’re on the side of the victims.
When it comes to Communist Canada, you’re on the side of the tyrants, you are the Nazi, but you’ve been so brainwashed you cannot see it, just as many of them were.
You’re nothing more than a useful idiot helping those in control achieve their agenda.
But you can change that, today.

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