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World Wars are iterative to the Steel Cycle… it’s the final backdrop of all economic trade. Central Banking usually controls this. (Narrative Reframes Chapter 5)

by | Jan 27, 2021 | History

World Wars are iterative to the Steel Cycle… it’s the final backdrop of all economic trade. Central Banking usually controls this…

WWI – The Romanian Christmas.. or Christmas Truce of 1914 demonstrates just how much the soldiers of those Nations didn’t actually want to butcher each other. They could be leveraged to an extent by propaganda and falsehoods but it the face of such large scale conflict and the horrors they endured, that ability to leverage them en masse waned. The Christmas Truce of 1914 is a perfect example of suffering, dissonance, and choice. It was short lived, but so very poignant.

Investors in WWI invested HEAVILY in the development of the Camera and film technique. It was a Military Industrial Complex in and of itself. Research the German UFA company and the rise of public film theaters.

Learning how to get people to FEEL things when they’re sitting next to each other in a dark box… it was unlike any other experience in life at that time, and Communities were spending hours in the theatre – it was a massive Community experience – everybody being synchronized to the same narrative at the same time – wide scale. That had never happened before in history.

Now consider that ^ in addition to the psychological behavior demonstrated by the soldiers during the Christmas Truce of 1914…

How do you MAKE SURE your soldiers do the killing required to win an iterative conflict that doesn’t make sense because of obvious inconsistencies? You need propaganda, you need cameras, video, movies, sound, a way to make sure the War story is “valid” and accessible to the masses. They invested heavily in the development of the camera and film technique for a reason.

A technological enhancement to Narrative Warfare objectives in order to more efficiently leverage populations into perpetuating a conflict cycle based in wealth and power struggles that normal people do not fully comprehend because of their lack of transparent information and their desire for trust in the figureheads or authority… figureheads which can be leveraged by clever intelligence, blackmail, extortion, and other nefarious means.

Camera and film technology were huge – not just because of entertainment value. That was secondary, the most elite, wealthiest organizations in the world could care less about profits made from a burgeoning camera and film entertainment industry.

The reason they heavily invested in Camera and film technology (cause “normal” people certainly didn’t fund it to that huge extent) is because that technology significantly enhanced Intelligence, Blackmail, and mass-scale Propaganda capabilities.

The tools of leverage holders.

Narrative Reframes

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