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What do these murders have in common?

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Freedom Attacked Original Content, History, Politics

The biggest opposers to the idea of the “federal reserve” all died in the Titanic, a ship that was considered “unsinkable”. Not long after the federal reserve went into place.

Months before we knew what COVID-19 was, the inventor of the PCR test dies. The person who knows the science the most could not speak out against the flawed testing.

Before his case went to court for his crimes and expose world leaders for their pedophilia crimes, Jeffry Epstein gets suicided in prison.

How many people connected to the Clintons have committed suicide or had mysterious deaths?

I can keep going with countless examples that no life is sacred when it comes to the corrupt protecting or achieving their goals of money and power.

The world’s history is full of examples of this, like the assassinations of Lincoln, Kennedy, Julius Caesar, Jesus, and many other names we know. Yet, thinking such things today means you’re a conspiracy theorist.

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