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We need to learn from Soviet Union’s communistic experiment that was the darkest event in the 20th century

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Communism, Freedom Attacked Original Content, History, Soviet Union

He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it.

The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956.

A record of the Soviet Union’s communistic experiment of the 20th century which Jordan Peterson says is the darkest of events in the 20th century.

A history that most of us in North America know nothing about.

The purpose of this story is to reveal the true horrors which occurred when a society tries to transform itself into communistic principles.

Advocates believe the world would be great if we all just followed the communistic rules. But as history shows, many do not agree with the idea of it and resist the collective group.

The soviet Government rid the hard workers of their properties and houses with stupid rules like houses should not be made of bricks, or not have 2 stories.

Millions of people lost their lives in the process as they had to flee from the villages and cities. They were left to die in the harsh winters.

While the idea of a communist rule might be appealing to some, it has always lead to the death of many people.

The murder of all these people do not come from the leaders, but the people so passionate about their desire for communist rule.

The line between good and evil is a blurry one. People do horrible things to each other if they believe so strongly that their ideologies are so good.

Ideology gives a man the justification to do horrible things in the belief it’s for good.

Here we are in 2020.

North America has an ideology that says “You’re selfish if you don’t care about my grandma dying of covid”.

You’re selfish if you don’t think all LGBTQ are oppressed and discriminated against.

You’re selfish if you don’t believe all black people oppressed by a system that is racist.
The well being of others, the equal rights for everyone, and the freedom to be who you are

ALL great things to fight for!

The problem is when the blinders go on and you care so much about that thing you ignore the facts. The passion of the people on the subjects are so high, they refuse to see any other reasoning on the subject matter.

Then the collective starts as masses feel the system needs a reset. That’s when communism rears its ugly head.

Enter The World Economic Forum.

Promises to fix all of your problems in a free society. A community-focused agenda to rid people of disease, poverty, and discrimination.

“You’ll own nothing. You’ll have no privacy. You’ll be happy.”

Sounds a lot like stealing the property of those who do not like the plan and kicking them out of the system and left to die.

My urgency for you is to take action now.

Read about these and other historical events where communism creeps into society. It always looks good at the beginning but then leads to the death of millions.

Take part in peaceful protests fighting for our rights and what is happening right now is the path to communism. Anyone who tells you otherwise is blind and uninformed.

We are in the middle of a huge transfer of wealth to the super-rich while the middle class loses their rights, properties, and future.

Below you will find a short 11-minute video that will give you a quick summary. You will also see a video by Jordan B Peterson who is a well-known expert on the subject matter that is a little over an hour an a half. These are great resources to learn from.

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