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The Great Reset is the move to a one-world government so that they can have complete control.

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Communism, Freedom Attacked Original Content, Psychological Warfare, The Great Reset

The Great Reset is the move to a one-world government so that they can have complete control.

How do you get so many people on board for such a movement?

The same way you anyone to do anything you want.


Fear is the biggest motivator

We now have fear of a virus, fear of environmental damage, fear of famine, fear of all sorts of death.

Who has the most to gain from all this fear?

Always follow the money.

The World Economic Forum promises a world of no debt. A world where the environment has a top priority over anything else. A world without inequality.

Great, but if you and I own nothing, who owns it?

The people at the top own everything.

Great, the environment is important, who resides that the environment is more important than someone’s life?

Ohh yeah, the people at the top.

Great, who decides the people that must die in order for there to be equality?

Ohh yeah, the people at the top.

No human is free of the desire for money, power, and passion.

The only difference is how much of each one you desire, and what you’re willing to do to get it.

People have killed for just a little amount of either.

These desires are great things that keep us motivated and growing.

Until greed comes in. Greed blinds you.

Enter the World Economic Forum created by Hitler 2.0

You don’t need to worry anymore, they’ll set the rules and make the hard decisions so you don’t have to. Just mow your lawn and listen to the bird’s sing.

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