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The Blackmail Market (Narrative Reframes Chapter 9)

by | Jan 27, 2021 | History

Understanding the complexity of power bases and gross atrocity is difficult, and it’s even more difficult when key shifts happen covertly at high echelons.

But that’s the way of the world, and truly always has been.

There is a line at which populations are allowed to exist in lives and roles for purposes of a higher Geopolitical power holder.. these populations are managed by intermediate, lesser powers – National authorities beholden to the strategies of higher Geopolitical power conglomerates.

Our wars are based on echelon Geopolitical economics and power struggles. The underlying theme of power currency is not based on true currency and an honor system of antiquity but on that pervasive information/intel currency which can be leveraged to control the actions of a group or individual. The power leverage game has evolved with the advent of certain technologies.

For the purposes of simplicity, we will call this the Blackmail Market. There are methodologies, assets, holders, and exchange rates involved, all of which directly correlate to actions taken to shape the course of Geopolitical economic decision making affecting the lives of Populations across the globe.

One day 9/11/2001 will be declassified and maybe some of you will remember this thread.

Our struggles in the Middle East and other areas were kinetic but not to the scale of WWII and break out conflicts as technologies for efficiency have advanced. From the Cold War on, alternate Industrial base complexes have augmented the economic value of traditional warfare in terms of geopolitical economic power bases – primarily Intelligence warfare: government, business/industrial espionage and leverage schemes, all of which encompass cyber warfare, narrative warfare, AI, CBRN etc.

And while World Wars are iterative to the Steel Cycle tied to the Petrodollar and kinetic Warfare, which significantly benefits those Powers who are highly invested in it, technology has advanced at such a rate, with the advent of bleeding edge, truly disruptive and life-changing energy and technological capabilities, that modern societies now find themselves on the brink of the Industrial Revolution of the FUTURE – which is literally out of this world.

But in order for us to get there, old systems have to be eradicated to free the Republic and allow it to step foot into the future.

What does this look like in terms of Geopolitical strategy?

Remove the debt, eradicate the Blackmail Market, and free the Republic from the shackles of Foreign Leverage. Destabilize the Petrodollar and effectively end the Steel Cycle… in favor of something better for us as a free Nation.

We have the technological capacity and industrial base to make this a reality, if we remove ourselves from the economics pervasive Geopolitical power struggle.

A vision that JFK, Reagan and others held long ago.

Narrative Reframes

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