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Technology ushered in the expansion of enterprise at a level many fail to comprehend (Narrative Reframes Chapter 6)

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

Technology ushered in the expansion of enterprise at a level many fail to comprehend, its called ruling class exclusion, Americans are not exempt from this by any means. Add fast travel to the scene, the wealthy can afford it – fly or travel to prime locations discretely, engage in less than legal activity or perverse delights outside of public view – but what if you film them?

What if you intentionally set traps for them so you CAN film them. That’s what the Bolshevik’s and Germans did… and later, Americans in Hollywood and Vegas would do the same.

Intelligence Wars and power struggles became sophisticated in the Golden Age of Film, which primarily intended to collect intel, blackmail and leverage material on the powerful.

This became an EXPONENTIALLY expanding industry in both the Government and Private sectors.

To give you a modern point of reference, you might have noticed the trend of Hollywood – hit or miss films, but more misses than hits by far. Most film investment isn’t covered by SEC – it is highly unregulated. This allows foreign power entities to primarily launder money, perpetuating backchannel economic ventures such has blackmail/intel propagation, and psychological narrative field testing, in effect propagandizing the American public.

From WW1 through the Cold War and beyond, states poured huge amounts of money into growing out their respective film technology industries to expand internal propaganda, enemy demoralization, backchannel economics, intel and blackmail operations. Each of these efforts pay for themselves as geopolitical gains – the perpetuation or shift in geopolitical power holdings.

Roy Cohn was part of the McCarthy team who were publicly stating that Soviets were blackmailing Senators, Generals, Bankers and the American Elite.

It was narratively framed that he was calling out Communists to protect certain powerful reputations, but in reality he was saying that high powered people were compromised by Communists to be sympathetic to Communist ends because they were blackmailed. He was ultimately censured by the U.S. Senate…

Understand that when you read McCarthy’s bio from the re-framed perspective of the truth, the gravity of the Smear Campaigns and Narrative War they completely waged on him is absolutely telling. It should highly concern you. As a USMC Intelligence Briefing Officer and later a Senator, he witnessed first hand the depravity of Intelligence leverage and Geopolitical power nodes. What he was calling out follows a telling pattern of corruption we see in headlines today, depravity schemes and the same questions, can this possibly be the truth? Why would someone risk so much to tell a “fanatic” story.. it’s not fanatic. It’s condemning Geopolitical power nodes who have economic advantage and play the game to the extent that even those who rise to a certain degree of power still cannot fully contend with that level of wealth and resources without the support of a significant amount of people. This can be extremely tough to achieve when the Press conglomerates and popular Media industries are owned by Power players.

McCarthy’s fight against corrupt Geopolitical Power infiltration and compromising of American Officials is brought into stark perspective when you research Alger Hiss.

The Venona Cables, a collection of SIGINT declassified documents (US Army Signals Intelligence, pre-cursor to NSA) which proved that he was indeed a compromised, blackmailed American Official, one of many spying for the Soviet Union at the highest echelons of US Government and the United Nations.

Narrative Warfare is powerful.
It shapes minds, and it influences our Cognitive perspective of history. Especially when the Press and Main Stream Media outlets are complicity leveraged in the cover up by publishing overwhelming amounts of noise, disinformation that makes you question the truth of reality.

The tactics are historically effective, and the technology now is even more sophisticated.

There’s a historical precedent here that is insidiously hidden by mind-bending Narrative Warfare

The unbroken chain of trying to beat Communism in this Country…
and we keep failing.

Until now. American’s haven’t realized it yet…

but it’s only a matter of time, and hopefully it won’t be too late for us to press the incredible advantage we’ve been given.

Narrative Reframes

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