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St.Petersburg and Moscow flooded with protesters, when will they start in North America?

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Censorship, Canada, Civil War, Communism, Freedom Attacked Original Content, Peaceful Rallies, Russia, USA, Violation of Our Rights

What you won’t see on your North American news, good people in other countries protesting for their freedoms. They don’t want you to see an uprising in other countries.
Countries that know what communism (disguised as socialism) really looks like, and it’s not freedom.
How far down the hole do we need to get in the USA and Canada before people wake up and take a stand?
It’s much easier to take a stand now than later. The problem is too many people are still asleep. They don’t believe this can happen in their country.
Canada is much easier to move to communism because we are a socialist country. It’s just a few extra steps as we see happening.
The USA is a harder transition because over 75 million people voted for freedom, but their voices were not heard. This will lead to a civil war if something big doesn’t happen.
Who’s willing to share to take a stand and share messages like this?
Who is willing to stick their neck out and demand our freedoms back that have been stolen over the last year.
Pay attention to the restrictions and ask yourself, is this really about a virus?

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