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Spread the word, tell others about the great COVID con!

by | Dec 16, 2020 | PCR Test, Communism, Conspiracy Theory, Corona Virus, Freedom Attacked Original Content, Nazis, Psychological Warfare, The Great Reset

If you blocked me because you couldn’t handle the COVID truth,
And you’ve since been awakened, I forgive you and offer a truce.

I hold space for you, and I welcome you to fight beside me.
What’s going on sounds like a bad science fiction war movie.

If you told me at the start of COVID what was going on,
I would not have believed and told you to move on.

But the lies keep coming out and the actors are slipping up,
They fumble with their scripts and keep getting caught.

The mainstream media is in on their plan,
Hiding all of the truth from every single man.

The life we had is gone, as we’re moving into “The New Normal”,
I will not let the socialist elite pigs win, this letter is my formal.

I am not alone, my team is filled with many like me,
We will fight until the very end when we’re all set free.

I will not allow my country to be taken over by a communist pig,
Who wants to strip away our freedoms, just as the Nazis did.

Right now there is a line being drawn in the sand,
And I’m asking you one last time, will you take my hand?

When that line is drawn, you’ll be forced to pick a side,
Sitting on the fence is not an option during this ride.

You’re either on that same side as me or you’re not,
This is going to get ugly whether we like it or not.

But as I said at the start, my arms are always open,
We didn’t draw the line, it was forced on us, we were chosen.

We were forced to pick a side, based on our knowledge at the time,
Fighting for our rights often leads to a big fat fine.

You see, it is information and knowledge that sets us free.
The world elite knows this and turned your brain into a pea.

It started with decades of school system indoctrination,
Followed by brainwashing through media intoxication.

The next step is way more invasive with the COVID vaccine,
Screwing with your DNA and molding you like plasticine.

As I said, this is all like a crazy science fiction movie,
The plot is falling apart like any movie rated B.

The propaganda is plenty and “fake news” is the slogan,
and conspiracy theories are many, now ignored by Joe Rogan.

The USA is divided, full of corruption and fake elections,
Canada is training Chinese Troops and Brexit is about to happen.

With so much going on, Why aren’t your eyes open yet?
The communist pigs are coming, your freedom they come to get.

Start raising your voice and lets others know with great despair.
Let’s get our crap together, the fight for our freedom we shall prepare.

It all starts with sharing knowledge and important information,
Understand what’s going on in great explanation.

Spread the word, tell others about the great COVID con,
Head over and learn, from FreedomAttacked(dot)com

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