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People on the right side of history fight for freedom and liberty, not censorship and reeducation camps

by | Mar 6, 2021 | Canada, Cancel Culture, Censorship, China, Communism, Freedom Attacked Original Content, History, Motivational, USA, Violation of Our Rights

I’m back after another 30 days of FB jail.
How long will I be free again? Who knows?
What’s funny is it wasn’t something new I posted. It was from a post I made before the last time I went into FB jail.
This is a precursor for what is coming.
I know this is only Facebook, they have not silenced me in real life.
What you don’t get is that this is what they call “conditioning”.
If we silenced and removed people in real life right now, there would be outrage.
However, if we get people used to the idea that people who speak out are evil and they disappear as a result online, over time, it won’t be a big shocker in real life.
If you don’t get this, you have not paid attention to history enough.
You’re ignorant of how this works.
Your silence now will result in the death of millions later.
This is why we need to learn and take action now while we can.
I’m not an alarmist and never considered myself much of a conspiracy theorist before.
But millions around the world are talking about the communist actions that are being taken right now in western civilization.
If you can’t see that, you either have ignorant blinders on or your not watching the right channels.
The best thing they could have ever done to make this happen was to divide us.
They spin the news to paint the people in the know as racists, extremists, homophobists, and whatever other “ists” that will work at the moment.
If they can get one side of society to hate the other, we are distracted from the moves they are making.
Don’t believe me?

  • We were called conspiracy theorists when we talked about Chinese troops trained in Canada. Now proved.
  • Trudeau told us last year not to listen to the conspiracies of COVID camps coming to Canada. Now he’s shipping people to them and charging them for their stay.
  • The big banks of America (I’m sure coming to Canada soon enough) are implementing their social credit scores. Search for certain things? Use too much power? Have specific opinions? It could all affect your credit score just like China does.

There is no time like now to start paying attention and speaking out against the communist rule they want to enforce on us.
As this image clearly explains, if you look at history, you’ll see who is always on the right side of it.
The people fighting for your freedom are not the anti-maskers, extremists, grandma-hating bigots the media points them out to be.
They are the people who care so much about YOUR freedom they are risking their public image, income, careers, and possibly prison to WAKE YOU UP!
But whatever, Go back to living in the fear they fabricated and write me off as another conspiracy theory nut job because that’s the easy thing to do.

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Thank you so much, and keep fighting for your freedom!

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