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Ontario politician Randy Hillier on COVID-19: “We’re living a lie and have been betrayed”.

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Canada, Corona Virus

We are living a lie, but it will catch up with us, with far worse consequences than COVID.

We’re told COVID is the most devastating virus and a paramount danger that merits the uprooting of our way of life, and how we as people function and they are using force and threats to demand our compliance.

Our very institutions, our governments and the media, which were designed to safeguard us, now shame and coerce us to accept the ever growing lie and to blindly accept the escalating inconsistencies we all witness in our daily lives.

Just look at these graphs, less deaths this year than any of the last 5 years, all cause mortality has declined, average age of death continues to be those in their twilight years. All of these facts, not models, are verifiable data and published on government websites. Yet those who are making the decisions choose to ignore them.

Are these facts congruent with a pandemic? If so, would we not see an increase in total deaths, or see greater numbers in deaths of young, healthy people after a year of a supposedly very dangerous, very contagious viral pandemic?

The facts demonstrate we have been lied to, and those responsible have doubled down on their lie, destroying lives and society, to save themselves from embarrassment rather than admitting fault.

We are living a lie and we have been betrayed, those who take part in the lie are complicit, not virtuous.


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