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NSA is the Intelligence lead – they literally have EVERYTHING (Narrative Reframes Chapter 8)

by | Jan 27, 2021 | History

Now fast forward to Admiral Rogers… Commander of USCYBERCOM and 17th director of the NSA. By this point in history, from the advent on the Internet on, NSA is the Intelligence lead – they literally have EVERYTHING, from 1979 advent of the Internet forward..

And during that time in between, a disturbing trend of foreign influence and power leverage was being consistently analyzed and reported by Patriots in all echelons of Government and Industry… the rise of the Whistleblower comes to mind.. but they were only to be stonewalled by various individuals and administrations due to allegiances that were compromised by a precedent of black intel, blackmail, leveraged buy outs, insidious backchannel economic schemes and all manner of corruption.. some of which were beyond horrific.

And stonewalled is stating it lightly. Smeared, slandered, blackmailed, ruined, silenced, tortured, murdered… that is stating the reality of what happened over the years to Patriots a bit more precisely.

This is the complexity of history, Geopolitical corruption, economics, politics, power nodes, leverage, technology and Intelligence. Efforts to expose corruption were effectively silenced by sophisticated Narrative Warfare that had only become more pervasive and far reaching…

Emotive sentiment hacking, massive influence campaigns, perception manipulation, cognitive dehumanization, forced narrative normalization, mental health crisis, population polarization tactics all tied to increasing costs of virtually everything and increasing hardship for Americans due to failing policies that completely disregarded the rights and interests of We The People in favor of targeted, marginalized groups who were empowered for leverage purposes…

If you don’t understand Biological Leninism… I suggest you research it. It is a highly effective tactic relying heavily upon cognitively exploiting population demographics and systematically degrading or empowering groups over other groups.. which can be achieved with massive tech platforms and leveraging resources that a population is conditioned to rely upon.

Sounds outrageous? Think about this.. the DARPA Artificial Intelligence tool responsible for inciting and perpetuating the Arab Spring was developed here, in the United States.. and buried deep in the 2012 NDAA was SMMA, which authorized such technologies to be utilized upon the population of the United States.

The straw that broke the Camel’s back…

President Obama wanted Admiral Rodgers to give 10th Fleet to NATO. Rodgers told Obama to get the hell out of his office.

Big red flag.

He knew it was career suicide.. but being Director of the NSA means he wasn’t without the capabilities of formulating a counter strategy.

And that is when Rodgers met with Donald J. Trump.

Narrative Reframes

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