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No longer controllable (ADULT LANGUAGE)

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Motivational, Psychological Warfare

We were born into a world where twisted guidelines and a perverted hierarchy have gained control.

None of us chose this system but our collective consciousness has allowed it.

We must disallow it. We must shift our focus from why we’ve been controlled to why we’ve been controllable. We must shift the focus inward and start listening to our deepest and highest selves. It’s tempting and easier to do what will be socially applauded.

But we must refrain from the lure of performative action where we are trying to prove something based on how we’re seen rather than who we truly are.

The work of shifting our consciousness is invisible to all.

It is thankless, it is humbling and you cannot do it for anybody else.

Yet it is the only place from which long lasting change is birthed. So this is our courageous responsibility, the inner revolution.

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