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Let’s re-visit American history and examine it with a new perspective. (Narrative Reframes Chapter 3)

by | Jan 27, 2021 | USA, Economics, Motivational, Politics, Psychological Warfare, Resources

The Civil War was devastating.
The vying of Powerful foreign entities co-opting control of the Republic in economic distress was a real and ever-present threat. Geopolitics and Economics are complicated.

It finally came down to 4 key factors:

Rothschild, JP Morgan, Rockefeller
…. and Gold.

Feel free to research it for yourself. It’s all there, but it’s been systematically conditioned out of our cognitive realities.. primarily through narrative exploitation, which has only leveled up over the decades with the press and the advent of technologies

JP Morgan’s gold loan of $30m was due in 1925. Surprise surprise, corrupt Dixiecrats didn’t pay. Shortly after the Great Depression strikes, Wall Street’s decimated. FDR is elected, and confiscates all Gold in America, that includes Gold owed London due to claw backs. WWII would force remaining European gold back into America as well. FDR completes mass Gold confiscation across the world. By the time he’s done, 8000 short tons of gold would be in American possession- 99% of which is owned by Europe.

The Rothschilds would use JP Morgan and Rockefeller holdings to start the Steel Cycle. That steel cycle success was in the confiscation of European gold.

Foreign money, power, leverage…
and Control.

At the highest echelons..
For a really long time.

Remember, World Wars are iterative to the Steel Cycle. It’s the final backdrop of all economic trade. Central Banking usually controls this…

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”
—- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

If you think US law actually affects leverage by Foreign economic powers at this level, then all that does is re-enforce the power of the Narrative being perpetuated… and prove that it is possible for perceptions to be manipulated by authority figures on a massive scale.

8000 short tons of Gold in American possession owned by powerful Foreign entities…

How does the United States maintain its wealth and power under the weight of so much debt? Leverage deal.

Thus begins a long history of power leverage, which has grown more insidious over time in terms of policy, favors, corruption, and backchannel economics…

You often hear the phrase, “you wouldn’t believe what goes on at the highest levels…”

And that’s probably true. Most “normal” people have a really difficult time coming to terms with the reality of what goes on at the highest levels. The narrative is easy to hack, and populations are easy to fool with the right type of news and denial of access to facts surrounding geopolitical powers. It is possible to keep a population in the dark, and condition them to a more palatable narrative to control their behavior. Because truthfully, people are uncomfortable, with being uncomfortable.

It’s a completely different world, but yet it’s completely real. That level of wealth and power controls virtually everything. Government leaders and Corporate elite are no exception. Especially when you ensure compliance by any and all means possible.

Fixers, blackmail, organized crime, propaganda, things that go bump in the night.

It sounds dramatic right..

Now pose that same question to an honest law enforcement officer.

Murder, conspiracy, racketeering, fraud, espionage, intel wars.

Super dramatic. No way that could affect our industry leaders and government. That’s why Hollywood makes movies about it, cause it’s entertaining.. right?

Or maybe it’s because we all begin to normalize it, the narrative that high level corruption is only relegated to Blockbuster films, and not “real life” and thus we are less prone to fight back against it. It’s easier when it’s just entertainment.

Even those who rise to positions of power accept it as the inevitable “weight” they have to bear. Normalized, because of a system that systematically punishes through serious consequence.


Because nobody’s perfect. People make mistakes. And sometimes they’re more consistent in their vices, or hit a breaking point when enough pressure is applied. And all of that boils down to

Written by Narrative Reframes

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