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It’s NOT important to remember that Hitler killed millions of Jews.

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Communism, Freedom Attacked Original Content, Germany, History, Nazis, Psychological Warfare

It’s not important to remember that Hitler killed millions of Jews.

What’s important to remember is how he convinced a nation that it was the right thing to do.

Read some books on it, watch some documentaries on YouTube. You will find the one thing that motivates people to do things completely out of their character.


Nazi Germany was not built overnight. It was a process that started slowly. He was voted in by the people. He instilled fear over time, slowly turning up the heat.

He made people fear the Jews. He made people fear each other. He convinced people to rat out their neighbors.

He was able to sniff out and find a rat within a day! Imagine that. No tracking technology or the internet to scan. If you expressed any doubt about his mission, you were found within the day and dealt with. This is because the fear among the people was so strong, they would rat out anyone in fear of their own lives for keeping it a secret.

This is exactly what is happening with COVID. The governments of the world are creating fear with it. Ask yourself how many people are living in fear right now? How many people are reacting with anger? How many friends and family are divided over the fear of COVID?

Governments around the world are introducing laws that affect yours and my freedom. It’s all done with fear and the promise of safety, but it’s all about control.

So. Before you write off this as a conspiracy theory, do some research on history. Find out how Nazi Germany happened. We don’t need to go down this road. History doesn’t need to repeat itself.


All evil needs to win is for good men to do nothing.

Just keep scrolling.

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
― Adolf Hitler

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