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Intelligence gathering has a long, storied history.

by | Jan 26, 2021 | USA, Cancel Culture, Censorship, Motivational, Psychological Warfare, Resources

Intelligence gathering has a long, storied history. George Washington’s spies are legendary. If you don’t know or understand the history and evolution of Intelligence, I highly recommend you research it.

In the United States we refer to the Intelligence Community as the IC. It is way more than just CIA and NSA. It is comprised of multiple organizations (18) that support Intelligence operations across all critical sectors. State and local Intelligence organizations work in conjunction with Federal Intelligence entities.

Nothing I am stating here violates discretion or Clearance policy. Just like Constitutional Law, Military Doctrine, State and Federal policies, you are legally allowed to research, self-educate and understand the organizational hierarchy of the IC, declassified documents and methodologies available for public transparency.

Efforts to cunningly ban this information from the American Public have long been fought against, by Patriots in all echelons of Government who held a line a some point, which cost them. Remember, no one is perfect, but actions speak louder than words. There have been Patriots in our government at all levels who have sacrificed everything to fight for We The People, many of which never have their stories told. The corrupt conglomerate doesn’t play fairly, or legally by any means.

The conflux of our digital age is confusing in the wake of weaponized Press & Media for psychological crowd control, Narrative Warfare – PsyOps, Cyber Warfare, AI Warfare, deceptive Privacy Infringement – the Cognitive Domain of War.
While that may seem overwhelming, and it is to a certain extent, I encourage you not to subscribe to the glass half-empty perspective, especially if you are adamant to change your reality.

So many things are hard… Life is hard. But you get to CHOOSE your hard.

Read (or Audible) Man’s Search For Meaning, by Dr. Viktor Frankl. Or Five Years To Freedom by James N. Rowe. Pull up key quotes. These are just a few of many great resources you can utilize to begin framing Cognitive Resilience in the face of dehumanization campaigns and adversity that feels overwhelming.

Start practicing mental (Cognitive) resilience now. There is always a positive and negative perspective.

What is the positive perspective in the face of this hurricane of disinformation and sophisticated Narrative Warfare?

You are not Powerless.

You have everything at your disposal that you need to hunt for the facts, the Truth in the world of media disinformation and Narrative War. “Popular” narrative does not actually bind your decision making and you don’t have to choose to subscribe to it, even if certain “groups” throw a social fit about your opinion.

The “ostricization” and dehumanization they force upon you for your differences in fact and opinion based on quality research is just a corruption enabled, Big Tech facilitated overblown version of Mean Girls and public shaming. Effective, yes. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sometimes the truth is more difficult to bear than the lies of convenience, which are easier to normalize, especially when the corrupt conglomerate rewards the normalization of their constructed falsehoods with things people are lacking (recognition, community, resources).. That’s an easy cost for the corrupt conglomerate to shell out, chump change in comparison to the Trillions of dollars they graft from the American population they leverage.

Skilled digitial strategists and Narrative Warfare specialists understand this cognitive weakness, and exploit it ad nauseam with sophisticated tech platforms on a massive scale. Some digital strategists don’t even realize they’re being leveraged this way.. to them, it’s just the career of Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Programming, Web & Application Development.

But not all of them. See that’s the final part of the positive perspective here…

You are not ALONE.
By a long shot.
You are over 80 MILLION strong and that number is growing by the day.

Narrative Reframes

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