If you don’t fight for your rights, who will?



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If you don’t fight for your rights, who will?

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Communism, Corona Virus, Germany, Masks, Motivational, Nazis, Psychological Warfare, Vaccination, Violation of Our Rights

The economy around the world should be open!

The data proves this is a huge lie.

More lives have been lost and destroyed because of our reaction than the virus could ever have taken.

Lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and the numbers still climbing.

An experimental vaccine produced faster than ever with no idea of the long-term effects is the savior being pushed.

This is a failed strategy that is so totalitarian that it echos one of the darkest times in western civilization called Nazi Germany. If you say Nazi Germany and Hitler enough times on Facebook you will face FB jail. That alone should tell you there is some foul going on as history is being erased and not discussed.

It’s time for the silent majority to speak up and take a stand to get our lives back! It’s time to stop living in fear before we lose all of our freedoms to these ignorant people who do not care about you or me.

Did you know that one of the main slogans that were used during the rise of that German event in the 1940’s I am speaking of was “It’s for your safety”.

Sound familiar?

Fear is the #1 used tool to get people to do what you want.

It’s used in marketing and sales all of the time. Look back at anything the government pushes, it’s done through fear.

Now they have gotten you to willingly shut down our economy and give up our freedoms by simply making you afraid of a virus that has a 99% survival rate.

If you have been on the fence knowing something isn’t right, now is the time to investigate more.

If you know in your heart what’s going on is insane and the government has overstepped its boundaries in our constitutional rights, it’s time to speak up and serve the community so people pay attention.

People do not understand that all of this fear pushing of tickets, covid camps, and jail is against our constitution.

All fines issues that were fought in court were lost! Imagine that. A man traveling overseas coming back into Canada films himself telling the police he refuses the covid test or isolation camps and walks right out of the airport. He later gets a fine, which will get tossed like the many other fines he’s fought.

We have NOT lost any of our constitutional rights. We’re just been fed fear that makes us think we have.

I know the shills will comment again saying I don’t care about their grandma because I push back on the rules and encourage people to do the same. That is not the case at all! I care about all the lives being impacted.

  • I care about the elderly lives that covid is taking
  • I care about the mental health the restrictions are impacting
  • I care about the drug overdoses that are up over 110%
  • I care about the suicide rates that are up
  • I care about the spousal abuse that is up
  • I care about the 3rd world poverty that out of control now
  • I care about the lives lost from an experimental vaccine

You see, all the government and mainstream media want are for you to be focused on cases cases cases.

If they can keep you hyper-focused on one metric of fear, you stop using critical thinking that makes you look at the big picture.

The FACT is, the measures that have been taken for this virus have done FAR MORE damage to humanity as a whole than this virus ever will.

I pray daily that eyes will open and people will wake up and speak up.

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Thank you so much, and keep fighting for your freedom!

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  1. Mandy

    One question…if you’re fighting the lies of this corrupt government, and we are all standing up against it, then WHY are you promoting face masks?????

    • Mike Cooper

      Great question. I firmly believe masks do not work. However, in some places like BC they have made it mandatory. While I will do everything not to wear one, sometimes you can’t avoid it. In that case, the mask might as well make a statement.


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