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Hurricane of Disinformation (Narrative Reframes Chapter 2)

by | Jan 27, 2021 | USA, Economics, Motivational, Politics, Psychological Warfare, Resources

Main Stream Media bias, the rise (and deaths) of Whistleblowers
No idea what’s real news what’s fake news, conspiracy or not conspiracy, credible source or not credible source, who to believe when things are framed one way in the news but have very different implications in real life.. how to get ahead of changes that affect quality of life but always behind the power curve..

Thousands of questions
Thousands of answers… but is it the truth? Is it fact or not?

Welcome to Narrative Warfare.

Why would Government & Corporate elite unleash Narrative Warfare upon their own Nation?

To condition the Population to normalize a particular narrative, or face ostracism and dehumanization.. to condition a Population to normalize a psychological reality they can leverage for perpetuation of power, which means wealth..

To psychologically condition a Population to ignore the truth, despite obvious inconsistencies.

It’s not Republican or Democrat
It’s not the Left or Right
It’s not that simple.

The corrupt conglomerate leveraging America for nearly a hundred years consists of high ranking members of both parties, corporate elite, and powerful world families… their strategies are generational, as is their wealth.

Their geopolitical world is completely different than ours, and the power nodes that stabilize it adhere to a completely different set of rules.

Remember: World Wars are iterative to the Steel cycle. It’s the final backdrop of all economic trade. Central Banking usually controls this…

How does this happen?

To understand this you need to understand 5 primary things:

History, Economics, Geopolitics
—- and human Psychology.

It is possible to effectively destabilize a National banking system and replace it with a foreign one that controls the Nation and its leaders… it is possible to assume control of a Constitutional Democratic Republic so that the Republic is no longer free. It is possible to bind a Nation to a corporate ruler and leverage its population. It takes immense wealth, power, strategy and resources. But actually, this is the way of elite Geopolitics.

This is the reality you need to re-frame to:

The corrupt, controlling conglomerate that has been leveraging America for decades, unconstitutionally robbing We The People of their freedoms, voice, and lives, has recently been “bankrupted.” Yes, economically dealt a major blow.

There has been a recent and unprecedented geopolitical shift of power from an “outsider” who was not under the total sway of global elitism, at least in terms of their schemes. He actually decided his legacy would be the Restoration of the Republic, along with a proverbial middle finger to those who bound it. BOSS level.

This OG understood geopolitical control/leverage mechanisms of backchannel economics, blackmail, organized crime and spooky fixers that Power Entities use to bind Government leaders and Corporate elites to their generational wealth and perpetuation of power schemes…

He also understood the value of ending the Petrodollar and antiquated Steel Cycle scheme, which perpetuates a scarcity model, in favor of the industrial revolution of the future.

To understand how he came to this realization, and strategically decided to shake things up.. you need to understand the little discussed but well documented history of how the Republic of the United States was leveraged by a foreign power entity, many years ago…

Let that sink in.

Your “Vote” hasn’t actually counted, in a very long time.

Written by Narrative Reframes

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Thank you so much, and keep fighting for your freedom!

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