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How To STAND UP For Yourself (CHRIS SKY vs 30 COPS & HE WINS!)

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Canada, Crimes Against Humanity, Violation of Our Rights

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Are you sick and tired of this government overreach? In this video on How to Stand Up For Yourself with anti lockdown speaker Chris Sky we’ll show you how to stand up and fight against this is very really battle! If you are not apart of the solution then you’re apart of the problem and this video will light a fire in your heart for UNIFIED NON COMPLIANCE that you likely never thought you’d have to do in your lifetime. You see, if you don’t fight for your freedoms and rights than they will be taken away… Heck, literally today, after 300 DAYS of lockdowns in Toronto, business owners just got rewarded TODAY in Ontario with a THIRD PROVINCE WIDE LOCKDOWN due to increased numbers of a ‘bug’ that has a 99.9% CURE RATE and 99.6% MILD SYMPTOM rate. HELLO!!! But even with all the data and evidence in the governments face… they will NOT back down (unless you’re blessed to live in a part of the world that hasn’t politicized this ‘bug’)… and this video will give you 3 BIG INSIGHTS to muster up the courage to speak out and let the government control your reality. Since I care about you MORE than just a follower or client, I’d like to let you know that you are NOT alone if you’re struggling with anxiety and worry from this race to wipe out the middle class, churches and accelerate towards the global reset and the v-a-a-x-x. passport, which is the ultimate agenda. This will not end WITHOUT a fight. The fight is real. The fight is at your front door. If worse comes to worse my family and I may need to escape Communist Canada … but you better believe I’m not going to lay down like the majority of sheep, ‘church leaders’ and people only worried about their self interests… … that would be too easy. If you’re a FREEDOM FIGHTER please share this video and have hope that we will turn a positive corner!

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