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How The Great Reset is happening and how WE can STOP IT!

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Cancel Culture, Economics, Motivational, Politics, The Great Reset

We have lots of evidence of the great reset. The question we now need to be asking is what can we do about it? How can we stop it?

I found this video that gives us some tangible things we can do.

My top 3 are

1. Buy local, stop supporting big corporations whenever possible. If you need to buy something spend a little extra time looking to buy from a local business or a business that is going to have a bigger impact on your local community.

2. Move your money from big banks to local credit unions that keep your money local.

3. Produce any food you can yourself. Buy chickens for eggs, grow a garden. If there is going to be a food shortage like they suggest, you won’t starve. You can also trade with other gardeners different foods.

The more we keep our money local, the bigger the negative impact it’s going to have on the big corporations that are benefiting from this reset.

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This sit down interview with Catherine covers the spectrum of the current situation we find ourselves in.

Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

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