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Establishing authority when you have none

by | Dec 6, 2020 | Canada, Freedom Attacked Original Content, Psychological Warfare

If you want to grow your business you need to establish authority.
I’ve had many people with new businesses ask how they gain authority when they’re just starting out.
It’s pretty simple, you need more exposure if you don’t have authority. With enough exposure, authority naturally grows with it.
Now for people in BC Canada, I have a great example of how this works.
A year ago no one knew who the heck Bonnie Henry was.
She’s the one in charge of all these stupid restrictions we’re going through.
However, in order to slowly increase the restrictions with as little outrage as possible, she needed to establish authority with people.
Being that 90% of the people had no idea of who she was, they had to come up with a plan.
This is why they started doing daily video updates at the beginning.
They could have just released reports to the media like the old days, but they knew better.
In order to get people to listen to our new laws, we have to build a connection with the audience. She had to become the face for all of this in BC.
Day after day, week after week we get to see her on video. The same thing is going on with Doug Ford in Ontario.
They are building authority through exposure.
Now, when some expert, doctor, scientist comes out with conclusions that are in conflict with them, what happens?
Your brain quickly says they have no authority. They don’t have the presence or exposure the others have. Congratulations, you’ve been brainwashed!
As a marketer for 10 years now, I know a dog a pony show when I see one. Everything you see is intentional and with a purpose to win your mind over.

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