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Economics, Geopolitics, & America (Narrative Reframes Chapter 1)

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

​What’s Cognitive Dissonance – in short, it’s what everybody in America is experiencing thanks to the overwhelming narrative war that’s been going on for so long.

It’s confusing and uncomfortable, and it completely jacks with your perception of reality to the point where you’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake.

It would behoove you to safeguard yourself against this to keep from becoming another leveraged pawn.. But a lot of people are struggling with developing Cognitive Resilience, because they don’t understand the complex game and have no idea where to start.

But fear not. We can fix this right here, right now.

Americans are conditioned to think in terms of 4 to 8 year government iterations. At best, we’re on a dime cycle, ten years at a time. Most of our society doesn’t think in longer terms of Government, unlike the rest of the world. For longer than any of you have been alive, America has been a colony that is consistently leveraged by a conglomerate of higher Geopolitical powers. Let that sink in… This geopolitical build up has been a long time coming. This is the conflux of our Digital Age. Technology ushered in the means for a Central Banking revolution.

With the advent of certain technologies came a shift in political theory to put the rush in motion. World Wars are iterative to the Steel Cycle. Central Banking has been long controlled by the Rothschild Dynasty, and there has been a significant power shift in the Central Bank power recently. To affect this has been a long-term strategy. Since the advent of Bitcoin, there have been serious Intelligence struggles across the world to prevent or accelerate the coming Revolution. One side ends in tyranny, and the other, in a bright and resilient future that’s quite literally out of this world. The question is, which side are you on?

In order to be free to make that choice, you have to reconcile the narrative conditioning that’s affecting your ability to understand our current reality, and the gravity of this geopolitical situation.

The advent of the internet has allowed for massive data mining of Intelligence, neurology types, and so much more. It’s all in the metadata. It’s what allows corrupt conglomerates to systematically fool populations with massive cognitive dissonance operations facilitated by Big Tech platforms. Clown world, as we say, isn’t just a meme.

To understand what’s happening in America and the rest of the world after Trump played the TRUMP CARD, you have to understand the history and dynamics at play. To put it simply, you need to understand the Petrodollar – Petrocurrency Mercantilism and the history as it applies.

Understand the Petrodollar, and why this vicious cycle no longer serves us. There’s a brighter, more resilient future ahead, and corrupt conglomerates will continue their attempts to stonewall humanity from reaching for it because of power and greed. That’s going to change now… everyone can feel the shift, but not everyone understands it yet. You’re not crazy, you just need a cognitive reset to break out of the narrative frame that’s holding you mentally hostage. Comprehension is key.

Meaningful discussion cannot exist when there is a disparity of comprehension. That’s why we’re so polarized in America right now. That’s why people are so confused and agitated.
People are suffering…
It all boils down to comprehension.

In order to remedy this, you have to have the psychological intelligence to recognize that disparity exists, and level by defining terms. Otherwise, interaction inevitably goes south.
Unity and connection seem damn near impossible.

In terms of Narrative Warfare, this systematic degrading is dehumanizing, and ultimately defeating. Apply this to massive populations and you cognitively sideline entire populations into believing a reality which can be leveraged for power.

This is what you’re experiencing, and struggling to come to terms with. The Cognitive Domain of War is real, and it is insidiously eroding American continuity beginning with your mind.

By Narrative Reframes

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