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Donald Trump exposes world communist plans, virus that cripples word economies released mere months after.

by | Dec 27, 2020 | China, Communism, Economics, History, United Nations

Sept 2019 Trump speaks at the United Nations and gives the figurative middle finger to China and speaks out against communism happening around the world.

A few short months later a virus spreads from China which brings most of the world to its knees.
In order to “protect” themselves many countries around the world turn communist-like rules telling their citizens what they can and cannot do. Laws are made and changed to gain control of people while concentration camps (sorry, isolation camps) are made.

The virus originated in Wuhan, where they have a lab that works with viruses, and this isn’t the first virus to escape the lab. it’s just the first to go global.

Some scientists have said the virus has the traits of something that was man-made, while others deny it.
Since the outbreak, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has sped up its goals and leaders like Trudeau and Biden (who has not won yet) have spoken of the great reset that is on the WEF website.
All of what I said is true. Coincidences happen, but when everything lines up just right you have to ask the tough questions.

Was this virus an accident?

Or was it an opportunity to bring forth an agenda?

Why did it happen shortly after Trump called out China?


To weaken one’s army, destroy their economy. It is far smarter to attack a weak army than a strong one.

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