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Do you believe our government and public health has been honest about this virus?

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Canada, Corona Virus, PCR Test

The facts and evidence prove the viral pandemic never happened, but the models and projections did create a pandemic of fear. Immense damage has already been done, living in this lie and more will follow if we don’t begin honest conversations.

The following data shows that during #COVID19 our hospitals barely reached the rate of flu hospitalizations during its low point in August, let alone the rate of flu hospitalizations at its regular peak in January. We were never overwhelmed by the virus, only lied to by our governments, media, and even the hospitals themselves.

We are told to wear masks to prevent another spike in deaths and cases, yet looking at this next chart, despite the masking, business closures, and eventual lockdowns, we never remotely halted the ‘second-wave’ let alone prevented deaths. All we have done is let a false, counterfeit PCR test rule our public health policy.

This pandemic of fear is taking lives unlike COVID, the fear has led to higher suicides, substance abuse, neglected medical treatment, destruction of life savings, family businesses, and we have largely destroyed the lives of our children and grandchildren by keeping them in this perpetual fear.

This virus may be real, but this pandemic is a lie, and now more than ever it is vital we stop accepting it. I have been asked by many how do we expose this, how do we get our government to admit their lie and let us return to normal.

The time has come to remove the mask, open your stores, and choose as a free person to return to normal. We don’t need permission to practice our rights. Have your Christmas parties, bring your family and friends, gather with your neighbors, and talk to your local business owners. Those who choose to comply with the lie are not free, they are the slaves to it.

Do you believe our government and public health has been honest about this virus?

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