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Can a vaccine or virus kill our connection with God?

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Corona Virus, Christianity, Communism, Conspiracy Theory, Freedom Attacked Original Content, PCR Test, Religion, The Great Reset, Vaccination

When I first watched this video a few months ago it was said that Bill Gates is presenting this. Clearly, it isn’t.

But it was sent to me from another source today and caused me to take a second look.

To make sure I am not spreading any false information, I am going to separate what I believe is the truth from what is a conspiracy.

Here is the facts of the video

At the beginning of the video, he points to the left chart talks about individuals that are “religious fanatics” and the expression of real-time PCR expression of the vmat2 gene.

Let me explain what those are.

The presenter shows brain scans of two brains

  1.  The top one is of someone he describes as a “religious fanatic”.
  2. The bottom one is of someone he describes as someone not religious.

Both subjects were given religious text to read.

The “religious fanatic’s” brain lit up in the Right Middle Frontal Gyrus which is the part of the brain that has to do with intensity, beliefs, and desires. The non-religious person’s brain lit up in the area that is associated with disgust or displeasure.

3:00 – “The virus would immunize against the VMAT2 gene which would have the effect that you see here, to turn a fanatic into a normal person”.

3:20 – “The present plan have used respiratory viruses such as flu other viruses to get exposure to the largest part of the population”.

Why is this video important?

You can see the date stamp on the video is from 2005. But this specific version of the video was posted in 2015. Both are well before we knew anything about covid-19. So this video was not made as a part of the current conspiracy of what covid-19 is.

I am not sure how authentic the video is. It could be real, and it could be fake with actors. But, the science behind the conversation is very real. What’s interesting is that the PCR test for covid goes up your nose right up close to the area of the brain near that very spot that triggers your intensity, beliefs, and desires.

Here are some facts outside of the video

The founder of The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab wrote a book called Covid-19 – The Great Reset which is full of communist propaganda ideas. The idea is to create a one-world government to “save humanity and the earth”. World leaders like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Prince Charles have all quoted this book.

Klaus Schwab has mentored other world leaders that are mayors, state officials, princes, princesses, and even Mark Zuckerberg. You can learn about that here.

Here is my theory

If you desired to control the masses, turn multiple countries into communists, and create your dictatorship, how would you go about it?

What if what’s in the video is true? What if you could spread a virus across the world that made the masses more docile? What if you could reduce the intensity, desires, and religious beliefs of the masses? Would this not be a great way to gain control with as little hesitation as possible?

What if you knew that peoples connection with God or a higher power is the very thing standing in your way of control over the masses, would you not change people’s DNA in a way that removes that connection?

What do you think? Leave us a comment.

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  1. Mak Bos

    Wow. Both interesting as well as disturbing.

    • Mike Cooper

      Very disturbing. While I believe our connection with God is above this, this could be a way to scientifically crush our spirit and lower that connection.

  2. Jeff

    I have heard this concept discussed several years ago as part of a 75 point socialist agenda which at that time, although it was disgusting, I disregarded as too far fetched to happen in our lifetime. After this last year I have had my own “great reset” on what is possible in a short amount of time. It is certainly a concerning thought.

    • Mike Cooper

      I just listened to a military expert who said that in order to understand the amount of power and technology the military have, add 15-20 years of advancement to what you think they have. That is where we are at.

      I first wrote this video off a few months ago as it was spread as a lie of that being Bill Gates. But that is typical psychological warfare. Take the truth and bury it in a mountain of lies so people cannot determine which is truth.


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