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Calgary pastor standing up to the police and their intimidation practices.

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Canada, Christianity, Communism, Corona Virus, Motivational, Psychological Warfare

Gestapo Strikes Again! This time they came to our Church building! Intimidating, harassing, and blocking the road entry to the Church! What a disgrace to the uniform!

They hoped that by the use of intimidation and harassment they will discourage the parishioners from coming to the Church and worship God!

We need some good lawyers to fight this abuse of power! If you would like to join us or help us, please do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected]

The fight is crazy and every help is needed and appreciated!
Be blessed in Jesus Christ Name!

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  1. Nˆrm

    I don’t feel this video does much to further productive discussion on the topic of the virus, law enforcement’s response, government mandates etc. I would be completely embarrassed if those who lead my place of worship acted like this racial slur yelling nasty man. The Bible they wave (also misquoted) speaks extensively of love. The pastor was consistently belligerent and interrupting the calm officer (huge kudos to him for not absolutely losing it with this “pastor”), not interested in dialogue and subsequently only increasing the tension of the situation. Calling them “brown shirts of Adolf Hitler” among other things. Then ending the video with “Now I’m going to go and worship my God.” while in the last 30 minutes, in effect he was worshiping satan through his hate speech. So sad. Disappointing. There are other ways to stand up for truth, to make your voice heard. I might just add that I believe posts like this hurt your credibility as a source of solid information in these trying times.

    • Mike Cooper

      Thanks for your great reply. I can agree with you that if you just watched this one video, it doesn’t look so well and Artur is being quite aggressive.

      I would ask you to check out his Church on youtube. He is a man of God who feeds the street people in Calgary. He has stood strong against the restrictions. He has been told he cannot feed the street people, yet he does day after day, taking in fines after fines.

      Coming from communist Russia, he knew exactly what was going on.

      I personally believe that there is a time when Christians need to be warriors and healers. Both need to honor God when being either.

      When the Church is being attacked as it is now, I believe the warriors need to come forward to defend it while honoring it. Jesus was not always “the nice guy”.

      With that said, I respect your opinion and discussion on the matter. We are here for open dialog.


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