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A royal distraction of human trafficking

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Australia, Child Abuse, Child Trafficking, Psychological Warfare, USA, Violation of Our Rights

I don’t hate the rich.

I just see through the lies the elites produce to cover the fact that they are making moves to enslave humanity.

The problem is they do a great job trying to hide it so you can’t see it.

There are enough facts, evidence, and historical events that prove this.

The problem is we live in a world full of brainwashed cowards that can’t handle the truth.

You can clearly see it today while the masses pour out their hearts for the royal victims. Their script of how they have been impacted by racism pulls at your hearts for them.

Meanwhile, here are some real problems the world has that none of the mainstream media shares.

  • Illegal organ trafficking is OVER A $1 BILLION DOLLAR/year industry mostly sold in USA and Australia.
  • Human trafficking has quickly become the THIRD MOST PROFITABLE illegal industry. 35.8 MILLION SLAVES in 2014 made for a $32 BILLION DOLLAR industry.

What you don’t realize is that these problems are tied deeper to the world elite and royalty than you care to know. This is why we have been given the distraction interview.

Look. I’m not here to bring you down.

I’m not here to say how horrible the world is.


The majority of the world is filled with great people like you and me who deeply care for others.

The problem is that the media machine controlled by the elite does everything it can to hide their crimes.

As the saying goes: He who controls the media, controls the people.

They have done a great job numbing the people while they have been following their plans to enslave humanity through a little thing they call THE GREAT RESET.

But you were too busy identifying with a fake princess and her fake racism which lead to fake suicidal thoughts she’s been facing.

Seriously, people, this is a part of controlling the narrative. We’ve seen the race card pushed through the media for over a year now. We’ve seen suicide rates climb like crazy due to the mental stress put on us. Now they want us to believe they are just like us, going through the same issues they created for us.
It’s time to turn off the TV, step away from their propaganda, and face the world we live in.

We have the power to fix the world. We have the power to stop their great reset. We have the power to shut down human/child/organ trafficking.

But only if you’re willing to wake up and face the facts. These people don’t give a damn about you and me. It’s all an act to get us to care about them.

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Thank you so much, and keep fighting for your freedom!

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