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A LAB RAT . . . That’s all you are if you take the COVID vaccines

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Corona Virus, Christianity, PCR Test, Psychological Warfare, Religion, Vaccination

David Icke exposes the absolute INSANITY behind these so-called COVID vaccines by reading from “official documents”. To willingly participate in this MAD SCIENCE experiment of COVID mRNA vaccines, to trust the likes of Mad Man Bill Gates and Demon Toad Anthony Fauci is pure mindless folly. To line up for something that they are calling a vaccine but bears no resemblance to conventional vaccines is beyond NUTS.

These are HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL, UNTESTED, AND DANGEROUS DNA ALTERING MAD SCIENCE! They are using fear of a fake virus to manipulate large numbers of people to be jabbed with something “they have no idea what it will do to everyone!? It’s PURE MADNESS! Especially when there are plenty of other safe, effective, and inexpensive treatments for the so-called COVID-19, which is, in reality, nothing but another strain of coronavirus that causes seasonal flu and colds. Have you noticed that NOBODY IF GETTING COLDS AND FLU ANYMORE?

Please check out our HUGE page of the LATEST NEWS ON THE COVID-19 FRAUD. It’s an enormous free INDEXED resource where you can find out the truth about everything related to COVID-19: Find out the truth about the fraudulent testing procedure, fake case and death numbers, who Dr. Fauci really is, who Bill Gates really is, the truth about the vaccine industry and the dangers of their products and much much more.

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